What hits the spot when you're getting a fresh tattoo? Why some yummy, greasy, high calorie KFC, of course. Three-fifths of One Direction – Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson— hit a tattoo studio in Glen Burnie, Md. earlier this week, with Zayn and Louis adding new pieces to their ever-expanding collections. They also chowed down on some KFC. Delish!

The boys visited Tattooed Heart tattoo parlor on Tuesday, June 25, after their bodyguard scouted out local shops and gave this particular establishment the thumbs up, returning with the boys in tow.

The 1Ders came to the shop with ink ideas in mind. Zayn reportedly got an image of his girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame, while Louis notched a spiderweb and a bomb(??) on his forearm. Meanwhile, Liam opted out of getting any ink, instead just walking around town on the solo tip. How's that for enjoying some local culture and sights?

The bodyguard was also sent on a critical mission -- to get some KFC tasty vittles while they were getting their work down.

All in a days work when you’re on the 1D team.

TMZ reports that the boys ain't cheap – they left a hefty tip.

We're left to wonder where the heck Harry Styles was for this tattoo getting experience. He is usually always game for a new tattoo, but he did not accompany his mates on this excursion.

1D continue to get yard hard with tons and tons of ink.