The 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 trailer (warning: NSFW) offers us one crazy sneak peek into the Netflix series' second season, with Red sparring with an old enemy but a new inmate, Officer Bennett seemingly becoming power hungry, and, of course, Piper hardening her shell after dealing with the aftermath of viciously beating Pennsatucky in the first season finale. But in the background pumps a heavy, steady beat until it ultimately crescendos into the most fitting lyrics ever: "Welcome to the jungle." What's the song?

It's 'Jungle' by Jamie N Commons + X Ambassadors. While Jamie N Commons is in the studio working on his debut album, the alternative rock band X Ambassadors recently put out their second EP, called 'The Reason.' While both acts are relatively new, the future looks promising for them, as 'Jungle' will also be featured in the upcoming major motion picture 'Yesterday.'

Not to mention, any tune that is used to portray the intense prison comedy/drama that is 'Orange Is the New Black' has to be pretty darn good.