'Tonight Is the Night' singer Outasight is back with a new single in which he declares it's 'Now or Never.'

The up-tempo dance-pop song carries the same vibe as the Yonkers, New York singer's first hit. Outasight, born Richard Andrew, sing-raps about following his dreams: "I'm a hopeless romantic, fell in love with a simple idea / With a little bit luck and a whole lotta work / I can make everyone of these visions real."

He continues with a sing-along chorus: "So we don't care what the people say / And we don't care what they wanna do / And we don't care about it anymore / We do what we want / I ain't wasting no more time / It's now or never, I'm about to get mine / It's now or never, I'm about to get mine."

The fun party vibe could make 'Now or Never' a summer hit. It feels like the perfect kind of song to blast from your car with the windows open.

Outasight is in the middle of a tour of colleges and clubs that will take him to the Bamboozle Festival in mid-May. The Warner Bros. artist has yet to release a full-length album, but we can assume one is on the way.

Listen to Outasight, 'Now or Never'