Big Boi meets our favorite 'Soul Punk' in this awesome mashup from Billboard.

Patrick Stump tackled 'Shutterbugg' by Big Boi for Billboard's 'Mashup Mondays.' Even though the rap song seems like it would be a difficult number to tackle for a crooner like Stump, he insists that the style transition wasn't the difficult part of this cover. "The challenge was all lyrical for me," Stump told Billboard. "Remembering the words was the challenge."

What made him pick the tongue twister track? "The problem is I don't really fit in in rock or hip-hop, so I kinda just took a stab in the dark," Stump explains. "I had been listening to that song a lot. I love that song and I was very psyched to do it."

This isn't the first cover we have seen from Stump. The 'This City' singer recently released a video of him performing a medley of new jack swing tunes, including tracks from Boyz II Men and Montell Jordan.

Stump is currently on tour with Panic At the Disco promoting his debut solo album, 'Soul Punk,' out today. Based on this cover and everything else we've heard from Patrick Stump, the title is more than appropriate!

Watch Patrick Stump Cover Big Boi's 'Shutterbugg'