Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose, BBC News reports. The socialite, TV personality and mother of two was just 25 when she tragically passed away on April 7.

According to the BBC, police found 6.9 grams of heroin in Geldof's home, as well as other drug paraphernalia, including syringes, burnt spoons and more. Her husband Tom Cohen revealed that his wife had been addicted to heroin and used the "substitute drug" methadone for two and a half years before she died.

Though Geldof had stopped using heroin in November 2013 "as a result of the considerable treatment and counseling she received," the coroner said, she had apparently began using again in February 2014, her husband revealed, stating that he had witnessed her flushing drugs that she had hidden down the toilet -- though he didn't realize there were other drugs in their home until police found them.

Pathologist Peter Jerreat noted that the heroin levels in Geldof's system were in a "fatal range," while codeine, methadone and morphine were also found in her blood.

"Tolerance to heroin ... appears to be lost fairly rapidly when users cease to use the drug, and deaths commonly occur in people who have previously been tolerant and have returned to using heroin," Forensic Scientist Emma Harris explained.

Adding to the tragedy is the fact that Geldof lost her own mother, Paula Yates, to a heroin overdose when Geldof was just 11 years old.

Geldof leaves behind two young sons, her husband, Tom Cohen, and her father, Sir Bob Geldof.

R.I.P., Peaches.