Pharrell can officially make a new entry on his list of seemingly endless contributions to entertainment: Introducing us to a kid who is made of magic and joy. Meet Dylan — he's 7 years old, Pharrell just helped make him internet-famous and he was born TO DANCE.

When is the actual moment that a star is born? Well, for Dylan it all went down at a Pharrell concert in Leeds, England last Friday (June 12), according to the Huffington Post. The singer-producer was performing his ubiquitous Despicable Me 2 hit, "Happy," and he invited all the children in the house on stage to dance. We've seen P do this before — at the 2014 Academy Awards, for one. But you know what those other performances were missing? If you were about to guess "Dylan," you're right. They were missing Dylan.

Even before the grade-schooler catches Pharrell's attention, he's drawing the spotlight with his bright red shirt and glittery black fedora (is someone a Michael Jackson fan?). His father, who's behind the camera, can be heard guffawing in disbelief as his son works his arms and legs like he's possessed by the spirit. Then, as Pharrell dances his way over to pay attention to the kids, Dylan kicks into high gear as his dad shrieks "THAT'S MY BOY! AHAHAHA THAT'S MY BOY!" You can watch the entire performance — including Dylan's victory lap to collect high-fives at the end — above.

Dylan's father commented on YouTube following the huge response to his video, and his extremely vocal approval: "I do feel slightly embarrassed when watching it back now but let's be's not everyday your child gets to dance on stage with a global superstar and wow the audience." Fair enough, Mr. Dylan's Dad, and a happy early Father's Day to you!

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