It's official: Pia Mia is a bona fide Belieber. After both covering his songs and working with the pop star in the studio before, the Guam-bred songstress has solidified her appreciation for the "Love Yourself" singer with a new song titled after him.

Released to SoundCloud on May 6, "Justin Bieber" is a snappy, hazy rhythmic-pop jam that sees the honey-voiced singer crooning about keeping things between her and her beau simple and clean over light, tropical R&B beats: "No we don't have to worry about playing games / 'Cause you know that we got something that don't need a name / As long as there's no pressure / Ohh, ohh, ohh..."

As for the song title? Well, Bieber's name isn't mentioned once in the actual lyrics, and the pop princess has yet to explain why it's titled that to begin with. The Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks-produced track doesn't seem to be inspired by the Biebs, either, though the tune certainly wouldn't sound out of place on his album, Purpose.

However, a second mystery vocalist does chime in on the hook, and while the male voice is somewhat unrecognizable under the layered singing and synths, it does bear a sonic resemblance to Bieber's smooth vocals. Could the track be a low-key collaboration? Does it even matter? No pressure... the jam's a good one either way. Listen below:

Pia Mia on Her Fans, Haters and "F--- With You":