The consistent reign of Pia Mia continues.

After serving up last year's solid The Gift EP and one of this summer's most infectious, instantly replayable bops ("Do It Again", which rightfully soared into the Top 10 in both the UK and Australia), the rising Guam-bred pop princess returns this fall to provide a sensual, subtle chill in the speakers with her newest single, "Touch."

Crafted alongside Bloodpop, one of pop's most in-demand producers at the moment (he just co-helmed Justin Bieber's "Sorry" with Skrillex, worked with Grimes and recently opened on Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour), the track, now out today (October 30), blends Pia's melodic vocals with some truly tight production.

"Sometimes, all I wanna do is be touched / All I wanna do is be loved / All I wanna do is be touched / ...So touch me," she purrs, as the production deep-dives into an odd, exotic breakdown not entirely unlike Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now."

It's an understated moment for Pia vocally, gliding across just the lightest, most tender wisp of a chorus ("So touch me...") and some sexy Tinashe-esque falsetto, but the beats knock hard in comparison, making this one serviceable for the clubs...and the bedroom playlist.

Between this, Samantha Fox's "Touch Me" and Katharine McPhee's "Touch Me," it's official: Every "Touch" song is a certifiable, scientifically proven pop pleasure.