Sometimes, all Pia Mia wants to do is be touched. Sometimes all she wants is to be loved. And other times? All she wants to do is turn out some FIYAH choreography on the streets — and then cool off in the back of a water-filled pick-up truck.

After debuting her BLOOD and Stargate-produced jam "Touch" last week, the Guam-bred pop star rapidly on the rise returns this morning with the appropriately sultry visual for the tune.

Except, she's not actually lying in her hotel room hugging a body pillow, as the song's opening lyrics might imply: Instead, she's on the streets, sitting up against a mattress (what kinda one-star-on-Yelp hotel room is that, Pia?), hanging out of windows in her intimates, turning up in a beach chair in the back of a flooded pickup (serving Princess Leia hair while doing so!) and throwing a red flare-filled dance party on a rooftop with her girlfriends. (Mercifully, Pia does get her touches in, albeit briefly, with a mystery man at one point.)

The singer alternates between seductive glances, suggestive poses and powerful, confident choreography throughout, proving Pia can do strong just as well as she does sexy.

All this lends itself well to her continued ascent to pop princess royalty among the crop of rising stars. That crown and throne suit you quite nicely, Pia.

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