Pink is back and up to her old tricks with 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss).' The final version (a much more polished product than her leaked demo) hit the web today (July 2) and hits shelves tomorrow (July 3).

From the tongue-in-cheek title to the barn burning chorus, the tough-yet-vulnerable gal blasts another breakup track akin to 'So What' -- but does she succeed?

You bet she does.

Pink, nee Alecia Moore, combines her confessional lyrics (she complains about a drunken lover's ineptitude by simply snapping, "Whiskey d---!") with her own trademark "grrr" defiance. Kelly Clarkson may be known for her breakup anthems for their sheer quantity, but Pink is quickly edging on her lead in terms of quality -- and circling her in terms of borderline profanity. The parenthetical title and chorus both get her point across and should save her some censorship. Let it never be said the girl ain't clever!

For fans who worried that the singer's reunion with once-estranged hubby Carey Hart and subsequent birth of daughter Willow Sage had softened the heavily tattooed starlet, fear not. She's still feisty, she's still funny and you better believe she's still vengeful, singing, "You'll be calling a trick / 'Cause you no longer sleep / I'll dress nice / I'll look good / I'll go dancing alone / I will laugh / I'll get drunk / I'll take somebody home!" This is an ideal breakup playlist song, because it's simultaneously relatable and danceable, making even the most shattered heart feel a bit better, if only for a little over four minutes.

The song begins with electronic touches before evolving quickly into pop-rock in terms of instrumentals. The track is signature Pink, from the harmonies to the rock-style drums to 'Raise Your Glass'-esque shout-along chorus to the liquor references. Much like the original 'Raise Your Glass,' if this played in your local pub -- where it certainly wouldn't be out of place -- you'd be compelled to actually raise your glass, despite her not explicitly instructing you to do so this time.


Listen to Pink, 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)'