While your most comfortable perch might be a beach chair or fireplace-facing loveseat, Pink's preview of her next video confirms she's basically only cozy in a silk, circus-worthy suspension system that holds her upside-down.

In Pink's Ellen interview, which will air later today (May 4), the singer shares a snippet of the video treatment for "Just Like Fire" from the Alice Through The Looking Glass soundtrack. Never one to shy away from exaggerated sets or punchy color stories, Pink makes it quickly clear that she's fashioned the scene into her very own castle-fantasy, complete with chessboard-flooring and heaps of antiques.

The only imperfect part across an accompanying laser-precise acrobat routine? Pink's unplanned inversion-face.

"The hanging upside-down part is challenging," she says. "And it's not a good look — that's why it's not a close-up...people look crazy upside-down."

Another unrehearsed Pink-look? The incredulity that comes from learning she's won an Emmy for her work recording Ellen's theme song "Today's The Day."

"What do you mean? That's not true!" she insists toward the top of the segment as Ellen hands her the trophy. "Well thanks, that's never happened before! That's mine?"

"Why don't you trust me?" Ellen presses.

"'Cause I know you!" Pink fires back.

Check out a preview of the "Just Like Fire" video above, and be sure to catch Pink's full interview on Ellen later today.

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