The 2012 iHeartRadio Music Fest was a flurry of platinum blonde hair and rock and roll attitude last night (Sept. 21) as Pink took the stage with No Doubt to perform their classic 'Just a Girl.'

The band began the song as usual, featuring a lot of dancing and head bopping from all the members, before introducing their very special guest.

"Ladies and gentlemen," frontwoman Gwen Stefani shouted, "Piiiiiink!" The 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' singer returned the favor, roaring, "No Dooooooubt!" upon entering the stage to raucous cheers and applause. The two platinum blondes are such a great fit for one another -- and the band's music is such a great blend with Pink's raw vocals -- that we're actually surprised a collabo has never happened sooner.

Pink actually bowed down and prostrated in front of Stefani, which then turned into a series of pushups. The woman is buff as H-E-double-hockey-sticks, making it look effortless to everyone, including Stefani (who's no slouch herself -- check out those abs!). The two lovely ladies took turns with the second verse and chorus, and when they got to the bridge, the flattery continued. After Gwen sang a soft, "I'm just a girl," Pink threw her arms up in the air and exclaimed, "But she's the raddest f---ing girl in the world, isn't she?!"

Based on their individual vocal performances, we have to say it's a tie.