Pink braved the rain in New York City this morning to perform 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' and 'So What' for her fans on the 'TODAY' show. She made the performance interactive, greeting fans and signing autographs while she sang two of her biggest hits.

Between songs, Pink provided a bit of insight into her insecurities when Ryan Seacrest asked her how the recording process was different for her latest album, 'The Truth About Love,' which hits stores today (Sept. 18): "It was a lot more sober, but it was just the same. I go into every record feeling like, 'Wow, I hope I can still sing. I hope I have something to say. What if I don't? I might actually be useless.' And then, 40 songs later, I'm wrapping up and hoping that someone else is moved by it."

Matt Lauer jokingly asked Pink if she was upset that Miley Cyrus stole her hairstyle. "I think she's beautiful," Pink replied. "I think she rocks it way harder than I do."

Pink also reflected on how life with her new baby girl has changed her. "I'm still crazy! But it's a goofy side of crazy. I'm very happy. It's been the most beautiful couple years."

Watch Pink Perform 'So What' on 'Today'