Hell hath no fury like Pink scorned.The clip opens in a vintage black and white, Old Hollywood romance. Pink and her paramour are enjoying a picnic and about to smooch when all of a sudden, he takes a call on his cell at the most inopportune time imaginable. This doesn't sit well with the notoriously fiery singer, who hurls her red wine in his face in disgust.

Pink struts away, tearing at her flapper-style garb and stripping along the way. As she trudges along, she spots another new hottie pulled over in his vintage wheels. She hops in for a ride and they make their way to his place, where he paints her portrait. It appears significant time has passed for these two, and they host a party together. Pink dances with another female guest who bears a striking resemblance to her frenemy, Christina Aguilera.

Soon, Pink's mustachioed man gets down on one knee and offers a ring ... to the other girl!

Don't you fret, though. Pink is never the damsel in distress, and she takes her revenge out in a style that would make Stephen King pretty damn proud. Watch the clip below and beware, Carey Hart -- this is not one heart you want to mess with.