Happy birthday, Pink! The rebellious songstress and full-time mom turns 32 today, Sept. 8. Pink, who was born Alecia Beth Moore, started out her singing career by sneaking out to nightclubs during her early teenage years. Soon enough, she had signed a record deal with L.A. Reid and Babyface and was launched into superstar status with her early breakthrough hits like 'There You Go,' 'Lady Marmalade' and 'Just Like a Pill.' Pink, who co-writes a lot of her own songs, quickly built a reputation as pop's bad girl, with an attitude that says, "I'm here and I don't give a crap if you don't like it or not." Nowadays, Pink has been taking it easy, as she and husband Carey Hart are now the proud parents of their daughter Willow, who was born in June 2011. So, 'Raise Your Glass' to Pink and celebrate her birthday with 10 things you might not have known about the strong-minded singer.

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    Pink is quite the homemaker.

    After she married motocross star Carey Hart, Pink, who was known for being quite the party girl up until then, said her favorite part of married life were things like baking cupcakes and working out in the yard. "I suppose that all the time, inside me, there was a little housewife just desperate to get out," Pink told The Daily Mail (via PEOPLE). She also spoke about her love for organic gardening on British talk show 'The Morning.' "That's the other side that doesn't really sell papers," she said when asked about her green thumb. Pink likes to grow "Tomatoes, strawberries, all kinds of different lettuces, spinach, kale, melons, [and] all kinds of herbs."

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    Pink was a troubled teen.

    As a teen, Pink was very rebellious, sneaking out to go to nightclubs and experimenting with drugs like crystal meth, marijuana, ecstasy and more. She almost overdosed at 15, and was also arrested for petty theft and trespassing. "I was never allowed to go over to any of my friends' houses when I was little, because I was the bad influence," Pink told Sunday Telegraph in 2007 (via PEOPLE). "None of their parents liked me and my own parents were scared to death of me -- and for me." Pink felt misunderstood during her adolescence, telling Faze magazine, "The problem was, I was labelled as trouble -- so I was like, 'trouble?' I'll show you trouble. You want trouble, well here it is!"

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    Pink has appeared in a few movies.

    If you blink, you might miss her! Pink had a cameo in the 2003 all-girl action sequel 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.' She made her dirt bike-riding husband proud, as she portrayed the 'Coal Bowl Starter,' aka a hot chick who worked at the motocross arena where the lady spies were racing. You can see her cameo in 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' by clicking here and here. She also plays herself in the 2010 comedy 'Get Him to the Greek.' After Infant Sorrow frontman Aldous Snow (played by Katy Perry's hubby Russell Brand) splits from his wife, pop star Jackie Q, he is snapped by the paparazzi as he makes out with Pink in public. Watch her and Aldous locking lips here (at around 4:10)! Pink also lent her singing voice to Gloria in the animated flick 'Happy Feet 2'.

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    Before getting pregnant with her daughter, Pink had suffered a miscarriage.

    Even though it's a sensitive subject for the singer -- as it would be for any woman who had the same harrowing experience -- Pink briefly touched on this tragedy while announcing her pregnancy on 'Ellen.' She was very nervous at the beginning of her pregnancy with her daughter Willow because she had suffered from a miscarriage in the past. "I didn't want to talk about it because I was just really nervous about it… I have had a miscarriage before so if I was gonna talk about it with anyone it was gonna be you," Pink told Ellen Degeneres. It was a passing moment, however, and the rest of the interview focused on Pink's joy and soon-to-be motherhood. "I worked for it. It was not an 'Oops'," she comically told Degeneres.

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    Pink's stage name stems from several sources.

    Pink was actually born Alecia Moore, and there are several explanations as to where she got her stage name. The singer actually had the name 'Pink' long before she was signed (she was actually asked to dye her hair to match her name!). One story says that Pink received the nickname because she would blush a lot when she got embarrassed. Another account says Pink's nickname was cemented after the Quentin Tarantino character 'Mr. Pink' (who was portrayed by Steve Buscemi) in the crime-drama flick 'Reservoir Dogs' -- it's viable too, considering she has 'Mr. Pink' tattooed on her inner thigh. Pink has also said that the name was given to her because she was a "tom boy and token white girl in my group."

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    She has a tattoo of her late bulldog, Elvis.

    Pink has more than 20 tattoos, with each holding a special meaning for the singer. However, one piece of ink that is very close to her heart is the tattoo she got in remembrance of her deceased bulldog, Elvis. The dog was given to her by Lisa Marie Presley (hence the name), and Pink, who is a huge animal lover, immediately fell in love with him. Sadly, Elvis' life came to a tragic end in 2007 when he drowned in a swimming pool. The tat Pink has on her forearm is of Elvis' adorable face, with the words "A time to weep, a time to mourn, sleep in peace." In addition to her Elvis ink, Pink also has a bow on the back of each thigh, dog tags around her ankle, plus many more.

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    Pink isn't a huge fan of Christina Aguilera.

    The feud began back when Pink and Christina Aguilera worked together on 'Lady Marmalade.' Not only was Pink pissed when Aguilera began collaborating with her mentor, Linda Perry, she was turned off by her diva attitude from the very beginning. During her 'Behind the Music' special, Pink said, "[Her manager] walked in and he didn't say hi to any of us and said ... 'What's the most singing part? Christina's gonna take that part.' And I stood up and said 'Hi! How are you? So nice of you to introduce yourself, I'm Pink. She will not be taking that part. I think that's what the f---ing meeting is about.'" During a joint interview with Ryan Seacrest, Pink also made it clear that XTina's kids and her own will not be playing together, laughing and simply answering 'No.'

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    Pink's dad is a total bada---.

    Pink's dad, who is a Vietnam war veteran trained in guerilla warfare tactics, is one guy you do not want to mess with. Actually, mess with him all you want -- just don't touch his daughter! Her dad, who also kept rocket launchers in the family garage, once got kicked out of the American Music Awards for getting in a fight with a security guard. He also almost kicked the crap out of another guard at Pink's first album release party. "He had this big, big, solid bear of a man on his knees whimpering, so we can't really travel together," Pink told Conan O'Brien back in 2008.

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    Pink used to have a pet rat.

    While appearing on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' a few years back, Pink told the host, "Aw, I love rats ... I did [have rats for pets]. Not like the New York dumpster kind ... I had the button-down shirt with the one little pocket and I'd take [my rat] to school and he'd sit in there and he'd come out for nibbles once in a while." She continued fawning over her childhood pet rat, saying, "He was very sneaky, he never got caught. He'd come out for little kisses and go back in ... He would sleep in the bed with me, but in the middle of the night he'd get up and go in the vents, so I'd have to lure him out with food ... He died June 23, 1993."

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    She proposed to her husband, Carey Hart.

    Pink has a feminist attitude, so it's no surprise that she actually popped the question to her hubby. At a Motocross tournament in California in 2005, Pink proposed to her then boyfriend Carey Hart by holding up a sign that read 'Will you marry me?' Since Pink is also known for being a jokester, Hart kept riding, assuming it was a joke. It wasn't until Pink held up another sign reading 'I'm serious!' that Hart pulled over and ran over to Pink to say 'yes.' With romantic chemistry like that, the world should've suspected the couple would get back together after a short split a few years back.