The Barden Bellas struck just the right chord with American a cappella fans in Pitch Perfectbut when they storm an international stage in the movie's sequel, will their harmonies translate?

Pitch Perfect 2which became the highest-grossing musical-comedy film of all time (sorry, School of Rock) upon its 2015 release, is now officially available for download on iTunes. So if you didn't catch it on the big screen, or you're just longing for an additional taste of Fat Amy, you're in luck.

In Pitch Perfect 2, the Bellas find themselves performing for some esteemed company—none other than President Barack Obama—four years after the first film's end. Unfortunately, when Rebel Wilson's Amy flubs her solo, the ladies are banned from performing in any subsequent showcases. Somehow, though, Anna Kendrick's Beca, who's become the group's leader, strikes a deal that with the powers that be that if their team wins the coming Worlds competition, they can be reinstated into the circuit. No pressure or anything!

With Kendrick, Wilson, Skylar Astin, Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld among the cast, Pitch Perfect 2 rarely hits a bum note as the ladies venture toward the big dance in Copenhagen. They'll laugh, cry and resurrect "Cups" by a camp's fireside, but can they do the unthinkable, and best the world's greatest? Let's hope they've come equipped with more than a few pitch pipes...

Watch the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer above, and download it now on iTunes!

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