Fans of young British singer Pixie Lott can hear a substantial preview of her sophomore album 'Young Foolish Happy' in a 15-minute audio clip containing portions of several of the tracks.

Among the songs previewed is the lively 'Stevie on the Radio,' which has a hint of Motown feel and is said to feature Stevie Wonder himself, though the short clip doesn't include the R&B legend. 'Everybody Hurts Sometimes' is a vocal ballad with strings and piano accompanying Lott's voice, while 'Kiss the Stars' is an upbeat pop song that masks deceptively naughty lyrics.

Some of the dance-pop tracks sound a lot like Robyn. That's especially interesting because one of Lott's new songs is called 'Dancing On My Own,' which also happens to be the title of one of Robyn's biggest hits. Lott's 'Dancing On My Own' isn't actually a dance song, though; it's a mid-tempo track featuring a rap from Marty James.

Lott has already earned three No. 1 singles in the U.K. -- two from her debut 'Turn It Up' and the 'Young Foolish Happy' lead single, 'All About Tonight.' The album arrives in the U.K. on Nov. 14.

Listen to a Preview of Pixie Lott's 'Young Foolish Happy' Album