Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt, who's also out promoting his side project / passion Heffron Drive, recently stopped by the PopCrush headquarters in New York City. While we had the pleasure of chatting with Kendall, 22, about his upcoming BTR album, his Heffron Drive music and more, the highlight of his visit had to be Pop the Question.

Kendall Schmidt has great aim, but an even better sense of humor. The charismatic and super charming 'Like Nobody's Around' singer answered every single one of our (usually embarrassing) questions, letting us in on things like when he got his first kiss (from a much older lady!), who his celebrity crush is and why he's incredibly jealous of his BTR bandmate Carlos Pena.

Schmidt also dished on his go-to dance move, aka "the Stank Face," an expression that says "you're confused about what's going on, because the music is so great" and "also with a hint of 'What's that smell?'" The Heffron Drive hit maker also shared details about his weirdest celebrity encounter (with an iconic comedic actor), which is definitely one of the strangest and most awkward we've heard thus far.

And here's something interesting that didn't make the cut: When asked which Big Time Rush member would succumb first during a zombie apocalypse, Schmidt put some serious thought into his answer. James wouldn't die first because he and his father would team up to conquer the undead, and he knew Logan would make it through, teaming up with Kendall, who has some survival tricks hidden up his sleeve. So that just leaves Carlos as the first to go. Hear that, Mr. Pena? Watch out for those zombies!