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Simon Cowell might be using X Factor auditions as a catalyst in his perpetual search for the next big boy band, but he doesn't have to look quite so hard to find them: Before You Exit have already arrived.

The Orlando-based trio, consisting of brothers Connor, Riley and Toby McDonough, is already on the rise, with whispers of greatness surrounding their latest release — and for good reason.

Their current single "Model," is a pop song with synth-sensibilities and a chorus that manages to be equal parts cool and catchy. "Model" is '80s-pop in the same way Taylor Swift's "Style" manages to be -- there's an understated edge to the track that comes through with its staccato guitar licks and seductive vocals.

Co-written by the band and songwriter Ryan Daly, “Model” is an upbeat song with a slight lean toward the atmospheric. The track’s subtle, synth-pop opening is propelled by Riley’s dreamy vocals, ones that vaguely recall those of John Mayer, circa "Your Body Is a Wonderland," and the song's message is just as delightfully cheesy.

Thematically, the song's 'effortlessly beautiful' lyrical content is reminiscent of One Direction’s debut hit “What Makes You Beautiful,” or the lesser known (but equally great) Jesse McCartney deep-cut “Makeup.”

On “Model,” the brothers sing, “Even when you wake up / Laying with no makeup / You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful / I know you think I’m crazy / For loving all your features / even in your t-shirt, you look like a model."

The track boasts the type of full-bodied sound you might expect from a more seasoned group, with a chorus full of harmonies that perfectly round out the track's warm vocals.

Before You Exit is currently on tour with The Vamps through August 8, and has opened for other huge acts like Olly Murs and Fifth Harmony — perfect practice for their ultimate pop takeover. But don't just take our word for it: check out "Model" above.

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