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Breakups are often painful, messy, complicated disasters set upon us to inflict emotional anguish and not much else. But there’s nothing like the full and total arc of a relationship — from its all-enveloping, hopeful beginnings to its often devastating, fiery end — to inspire some stellar pop songs.

Enter California-based singer-songwriter Loren North, who uses her particular brand of soulful, indie-pop to channel the ups and downs of an entire relationship into her forthcoming EP Starlight.

Despite her initial dreams of becoming a folk artist, the 21-year-old was ultimately drawn to the sonic accessibility of pop music. On her debut single "Where I Am," North proves she has a knack for catchy melodies, backed by insightful, introspective lyrics about the progression (or lack thereof) of a budding relationship, in all its glittery frustration.

North's latest release, "Feel It Out," is a synth-heavy, pop offering with just enough subtle nuance (those cricket chirps!) to allow for her soulful, smokey vocals to lead the focus. Written about a breakup -- and the vulnerable hope of someday mending things, somewhere down the line -- North explains the dichotomy between the track's heavy lyrics and its easygoing, ear-worm sensibility.

“Breakups aren’t the most fun, so the writing process for this song was very freeing," North said of the track. “I didn’t hold back, and I think because of this there is a sense of confidence carried within the song. It’s a tune you can jam to with friends when you’re just hangin’, drivin’, whatever! At the same time though it’s a song of hope for reconciliation. My hope is that people can relate to the lyrics, while also enjoying the fun groove."

Check out an exclusive acoustic version of “Feel It Out” in the video above, and be sure to keep an ear out for Loren Noth’s debut EP Starlight when it drops on September 30.

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