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If you're still searching for the perfect artist to soundtrack your late-summer gatherings, look no further than Viceroy, whose chill sonic offerings are perfect for hot weather vibes.

Born Austen Afridi, Viceroy kicked off his career back in 2011. He's since amassed an impressive output of pop remixes ranging from Lady Gaga to The Beach Boys to Maroon 5, but his original releases showcase the best of his pop sensibilities.

Viceroy originally hails from the East Coast, but judging by his musical output -- all sunny, mid-tempo synths and groovy bass lines -- you'd never guess it. His latest single, "Fade Out," offers a light callback to '70s disco, with collaborator Gavin Turek laying down an infectious, dreamy vocal melody along the way.

“For most of my recent singles I’ve either released stuff that’s house tempo or hip hop tempo," said Viceroy of the track. "For 'Fade Out' I wanted to try something in the middle of those two tempo ranges, something with some soul to it, something different yet familiar...Nothing sexier than a disco slow burner.”

Previous single “Next Escape,” has a more urgent feel, but Viceroy never detracts from the fun, as Patrick Baker's vocals pour over jangling guitars and an uptempo house beat -- perfect for a late-night second wind.

Like what you hear? Head over to iTunes to download "Fade Out," and check out the rest of Viceroy's discography on SoundCloud.

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