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Producer-singer Dillistone's electro songs are infused with warmth, the result of sparkly synths, pensive lyrics and an ear that was developed across multiple continents.

The Danish-born producer and singer, born Morten Aamodt, moved from Copenhagen to Shanghai, China in his formative years. It wasn't long before he fully immersed himself in the city's vibrant music scene, DJing at clubs by age 16 and even launching his own nightlife events a year later.

That drive to create music also propelled him to play in a rap-rock band, cutting his performance teeth on festival stages across Shanghai. Later, he'd move to the UK to study another creative outlet — acting — attending the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. If Aamodt learned to tap into his emotions in drama school, that easily-channeled vulnerability is evident in compositions like the luminescent "Diamond Child" with singer-songwriter Aayushi and "Sad & High," which is currently available as a free download.

On the Furnace EP, released July 26, Dillistone showcases his own vocals on the impassioned title track, and breakup electro-ballad "Move On."

"'Furnace' is a reminder that if you dared, you could love someone like they do in the movies. It's also a bit of a love song, trying to get the girl by promising the world, true love and passion," Dillistone told PopCrush. "Teasing with that silver screen depiction we've been sold, of literally not being able to live without that special someone in your life."

"'Move On' is a song about coming to the slow realization that you've made a choice to end a bad relationship," he continued. "It's a sobering loop to remind yourself that although it will hurt, making a choice is always stronger than not deciding."

"Midas," featuring Italian singer LILI N, is a standout on the release. The sultry simmer of LILI's verses bubble to glitchy effervescence on the chorus, intercut with vocal chops that create new pockets of emotion in the song.

"'Midas' is for the people in our lives that will trade success for their friends. Who forget you when the bright lights shine," the musician told us.

Listen to Dillistone's Furnace below, and let us know if you like what you hear as much as we do.

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