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Old Hollywood. Modern love. Meet Molly Marlette, our latest obsession.

The Hollywood born-and-bred former "show-biz kid" is already providing a visual buffet across her gradually growing social media presence thanks to her striking and colorful looks, which recently led to a partnership with LimeCrime as the face of their 2 MOODS line.

On August 5th, however, she begins a new chapter in the entertainment industry by formally entering into the music world.

"Do Me A Favor" is Marlette's debut single, which she co-wrote and co-produced herself. And despite the classic icons she counts as inspirations, including Judy Garland and David Bowie, the synth-propelled song itself is decidedly modern-sounding, recalling the lush electro-pop offerings from acts across the pond like Florrie, Salt Ashes, Kylie Minogue and Little Boots.

"If perception is reality, then I'm interested in making my own,” Molly says.

We spoke to Molly about her debut single, her style and her creative vision. Do us a favor and read on below.

PopCrush: Your bold style and sound are clear — how much do you think is rooted in your Hollywood upbringing? Can you point to any specific influences around town?

Molly Marlette: I think it has to do with with that. When I was little, I wanted to dress like Lana Turner in "Ziegfeld Girl." Around town, I would feel the tension between the reality that you saw and the fantasy, the idea of it. As I got older, I realized The Garden of Allah had become a Chase Bank. L.A. to me has always been full of parking lots haunted by the paradise they paved over.

You've been striving for an entertainment career since childhood — what was the catalyst to finally recording your first single? How does it feel to release it?

I feel like I have always been working on a first single. It's exciting to get one out into the world.

"Do Me a Favor" speaks to the feeling of being lost and overwhelmed — are these thoughts tied to a specific experience of yours, or are they more general statements about the world around you? More broadly: What inspired this type of theme?

It's like a love song through the lens of anxiety. I first wrote it about a boy I had just met, but over time it became my ode to a certain kind of life I am trying to find. You know, like over the rainbow or something.

Is "Do Me a Favor" an indication of what you hope to release in the future? How do you hope your sound evolves?

Yes! You'll have to wait and see. ;)

Any dream collaborations, or sounds you aspire to?

Rufus Wainwright, if Judy Garland doesn't come back to life.

Your look is so colorful but the site of the video is almost eerily stark and white. Was that an intentional contrast? What are you hoping the video's imagery will convey?

It was intentional. I remember growing up as a child actor, we would have to wear plain clothing to auditions that made the casting directors able to see you as a palette. But I wanted to be somebody...not a canvas. I feel like there’s a pressure to be quiet and let other people paint you, and this is about taking that on yourself and letting yourself have a voice. Choose your own way of presenting yourself.

What do you love listening to these days? Any contemporary influences?

New things? Obsessed with Børns. In love with Petite Meller.

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