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It's only fitting that Aussie Brit pop act EMMI appears on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them soundtrack — she, like Beasts protagonist Newt Scamander, is host to swarms of magic creatures that are itching to be set free.

EMMI, who released debut single "My Kinda Swag" only a year ago, has since demanded attention internationally (Taylor Swift tweeted that follow-up track "Sleep on It" would "make your life more awesome"). And it's no surprise — EMMI's mastered old school charm-with-attitude. She pairs Regina Spektor's tone with Adele's technique to paint lovely-but-cutting landscapes.

Look no further than her latest, "Couldn't Care Less," for proof — the expert balladry vacillates between wistfully dreamy and coldly unsparing as it charts the pitfalls of unrequited love. "You turn your head and look away / I've fallen hard for you again" EMMI croons with jazz club allure as she observes love's contradictions.

"I started wondering if [the words 'couldn't care less'] could mean something other than a dismissal," she said. "What if they were an expression of true love, and we flipped it on its head. 'I couldn’t care less, because I am literally incapable of caring less than I do. I can’t help it.' That idea resonated with me. Because I care a lot. About basically everything. And sometimes I wish I wouldn’t. Maybe I’d get some sleep."

And with the release of the kicked-up "Blind Pig" from Beasts, EMMI proves she's got uptempo down pat, too. The tune was written in honor of the film's eponymous speakeasy, and has got the sultry off-key charm you'd expect to hear coursing through any of the prohibition era's shared spaces.

Now, EMMI's hoping to give the two tracks — and a small handful of other releases — more company.

"I have hundreds of songs on my laptop and just as many characters in my head that are just aching to be brought to life," she said. "I think it’s finally time to start setting them free. ’Couldn’t Care Less’ is essentially me springing a leak. Next year will be the flood."

Listen to "Couldn't Care Less" and "Blind Pig" above, tell us what you think and be sure to keep up with EMMI on Facebook and Twitter.

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