Born and raised in New York City, Megan Vice grew up on the soulful, funky grooves of '80s pop superstars like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince, as well as the polished '90s bubblegum pop of the Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera and NSYNC. So it's no wonder that her sound is very much an amalgamation of the two decades, when music was at its most...glittery.

Megan's new "Spread the News" single captures that funky post-nostalgic party vibe effortlessly: A sparkling dance floor bop, the track thumps, swirls and whooshes like a burst of light bouncing off a disco ball, and the singer's diva-worthy vocals are a beacon of brightness in an otherwise foggy nightclub.

"'Spread The News' is about finding that special feeling, that natural high you get from a lover, from music, from the universe," Vice tells PopCrush about the titular single off her forthcoming EP, which sounds like a cross-pollination between Cher's "Believe" and Prince's "1999."

"[It's] unlocking a higher power and wanting to share that with everyone around you," she adds. "When I was writing it, I had this sort of cult-like imagery in mind, like you've just figured out something magical, something life-changing and now you're spreading the news, bringing people into this new wave to shed their old selves and be reborn under the disco moonlight."

Under the disco moonlight is precisely where Vice comes alive: The artist expertly infuses smokey R&B haze with hot and heavy beats on her almost sinister slow-tempo take on Taylor Dayne's 1988 club smash, "Tell It To My Heart."

And with "All of the Time ft. Fake Money," Vice lets her early '80s dance diva freak flag fly—fruit motifs and all—on a techno-funk freestyle jam with heavy nods to Debbie Deb and Lisa Lisa and all other doubly-named neon club queens.

But for all her retro posturing, the spunky artist never falls into costume-y territory. Though there's no denying that she resurrects the spirit of musical decades past, her syncopated brand of glamorous indie dance floor fodder remains modern and fresh-sounding amid a radio landscape currently overrun by moody, sexually-charged future-R&B and breezy trop-pop.

At the end of the night, while other would-be pop stars may take their pop a little too seriously, Vice just wants to put on her dancing shoes and have a little fun — and that's why it's so tempting to join her.

Like what you hear as much as we do? Featuring production by Fake Money, The Golden Pony, Young Science and Lane Banning, the singer-songwriter's new EP, Spread the News, drops on August 12.