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Meet James Hersey, an Austrian singer-songwriter.

Raised in Vienna, Hersey grew up on an eclectic soundtrack at home, ranging from James Taylor to Michael Jackson. His musical experience is equally varied: he played drums in a punk band as a teen, performed in a choir, and recorded covers on his acoustic guitar on his own time. But Hersey was unhappy with the more traditional-leaning music scene in Austria, so he bounced around — from New York to London to Austin — to further sculpt his own sound.

Back in 2014, the singer semi-accidentally penned a track called "Coming Over" while sound-checking before a show in Germany, happening upon a chord progression which his tour manager insisted he turn into a full-length song.

Following the track's release, "Coming Over" was discovered and subsequently remixed almost immediately by Filous who, funnily enough, was our PopCrush Presents pick last week. From there, Kygo and Dillon Francis got involved, reworking the track into a single released earlier this year.

Last month, Hersey released his debut single: "Miss You," a electronic-tinged bout of relationship realism off of his forthcoming EP, Pages, weaving together the musical influences from his past to inform his future.

"Show me what it means to be yours / What it means to be more / Show me what a difference you make / What a word that you say now could mean when it's over and it comes time for change," he sings on the melancholy love song. "'Cause I'm going to miss you when you're gone."

"'Miss You' is an excerpt from my constant search for clarity and security in love," Hersey tells PopCrush of the song, which he wrote in "two virtually sleepless days and nights."

"Questions to reflect on for yourself, and for your partner. So many relationships nowadays don't last because people don't think about what they're really getting into, or what's really important to them. I don't have all the answers, but these might be some of the right questions."

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