Kesha is quickly becoming the music industry's Warrior against injustice.

Early Saturday morning (October 15), the pop star used Instagram to voice her support of singer-songwriter Maty Noyes, who is currently feuding with Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo, her collaborator on their hit single "Stay."

"My [heart] is with @matynoyes. Sweetheart you should be singing at the Hollywood Bowl tonight," Kesha wrote alongside a photo of the performer. "It's unfair to you, and it's unfair to your fans."

"When someone in this industry treats you like s---, just tell the truth. The universe is listening," added the "Tik Tok" singer, who stood up for former Miss Universe Alicia Machado in September over the derogatory, racist and sexist comments Donald Trump made against her.

Kesha's act of solidarity comes following accusations the songwriter made against Kygo and his manager, music promoter Myles Shear.

Noyes alleges that Kygo and Shear have blocked her from performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles tonight (October 15) as well as Friday's show, claiming that she is being retaliated against after missing a show due to being ill.

"When you write a song, travel the world to perform for an entire year for free, and then get treated like a complete piece of [s---] because you get sick and miss one show. Now I'm told that I can't do the Hollywood bowl for all my people in LA. I am being punished to [sic] being sick," Noyes wrote on Instagram.

She then slammed Shear, who reportedly told her to "put on a pretty dress, lipstick, open your mouth and sing."

"'We don't need your voice in the show, we only deal with the best.' @managermyles is this really how you treat people that you call one big family? I'm sick of dealing with these sexist pigs in the industry. I'm standing up for myself," she continued.

"It's sad to think I can't even sing the song that I WROTE & has over 330 million plays," Noyes added. "Whoever goes to the show tonight know that I'm there in spirit & I should have been the one singing to you guys. It's time to move on from doing favors for @kygomusic and focus on myself...I'm a 19 year old woman in this industry you will NOT treat me like this."

Amen, sister. See her post, below:

Neither Shear nor Kygo have responded to Noyes' allegations.

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