The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' is super busy filming episode 100, which means that we've been finding a whole bunch of awesome photos from the set of episode 5x05. We're definitely not complaining.

What do these photos reveal about what's ahead for our characters? Read on to find out!

First up, as we previously told you, we'll be getting that Hanna and Caleb reunion we've all been waiting for.

Ashley Benson (who plays Hanna) teased a photo of herself on set with love interest Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn) where we got a glimpse of his newly shorn locks. Looking good!

Marlene King also added a photo of the pair on set in some slouchy/comfortable looking clothing merely with the caption, "Haleb."

And we must admit, they don't look very lovey-dovey considering Caleb is returning from Ravenswood. Could it have something to do with Hanna's new love interest Travis -- and that upcoming love triangle -- or the fact that Caleb was dating a ghost? We're thinking both.

Speaking of Travis, it looks like he and Hanna's mom Ashley Marin will be sharing a scene together. At night.

Actress Laura Leighton shared a photo from writer Jonell Lennon, explaining:

So what are these strange bedfellows hanging out together for? Leighton also shared a tweet of herself and Ashley Benson in the same location (in the same costumes) so perhaps Hanna, Mrs. Marin and Travis are all outside when Caleb finally arrives? Awkward.

And of course there's also that Hanna and Spencer scene we previously told you about.

So much suspense! Season 5 of 'PLL' will premiere on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10 at 8PM ET.