'Pretty Little Liars' is hitting the big 100th episode this year, which will take place on the 5th episode of the 5th season. So what can we expect from the monumental episode?

Hint: a whole lot of awesome.

Executive producer and writer Marlene King -- who will be in charge of the episode -- teased that it will include a scene between Hanna and Spencer, which we haven't seen a lot of lately.

As she explained on Twitter:

The episode itself will be directed by Norman Buckley, who just finished helming the Season 5 premiere 'EscApe from New York.'

It will also see the return of Caleb, who left the show temporarily for the now cancelled 'Ravsenswood' spin-off.

Not to mention a big reveal that the writers promise will solve one big mystery. Perhaps who killed Wilden?

Said King of the episode in a previous interview, "We hope that it's emotionally epic for us. There will be a big reveal: One of our mysteries that we've had for a long time on the show will be revealed in the 100th."

Season 5 of the hit ABC Family show will return to a TV near you on Tuesday, June 10 at 8PM ET.

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