'Pretty Little Liars' actor Ian Harding has hinted during interviews for the show's Season 4 fnale 'A is for Answers' that he couldn't imagine how his character Ezra could possibly return in Season 5, leaving us with a lot of questions.

So did Ezra survive the finale? And if he did, can he be redeemed for all his recent shady behavior toward the Liars?

Keep on reading to find out, but be warned, there are heavy season finale spoilers here.

If you happened to miss the finale, the adrenaline-filled final moments ended with the girls being confronted by a masked figure (who remained masked) with a gun, only to be saved at the last moment by Ezra who claimed to know the identity of the possible 'A.' (Who is almost definitely a he.)

Unfortunately for Ezra, he was shot while saving his ex love interest Aria and his even more exier love interest Alison and was unable to tell the identity of the masked villain because blood loss.

But did he die?

According to Ian Harding he will be back for Season 5 he's just not sure in what way. As he explained in an interview, "I did sign a contract for a fifth season. I don’t know in what capacity I’m coming back."

Added executive producer Marlene King, "'For sure dead' is never really -- when I have to call people and tell them their character is going to die, I always say Alison's been dead since the pilot and she's a series regular, so you just never know."

Suffice it to say based on the current 'PLL' hashtag #IsEzraAlive it's all up in the air. Although he definitely will be breathing in the Season 5 opener as King previously teased would happen to one character. You know, that one who will be in "serious danger" during the premiere.

So now that Ezra has literally taken a bullet for Aria, can he be redeemed for basically only dating her to write a true crime book about Alison?

"I think he will be redeemed in some sense just because he is a good person, but he just was so obsessed with this idea of getting the truth out about Alison," explained Harding in yet another interview. "But yeah, I think it’s gonna take a lot. A lot of roses — a lot of flowers."

Added Aria herself, Lucy Hale, "Where we end up in season four, it's all up in the air. They're the one couple on the show that's gone through so much together, but have still been magnets... It's like the perfect definition of soulmates, in my opinion."

Concluded King, "It's not easy to redeem someone, but taking a bullet for someone is a good way to start."

The Season 5 premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars' will air on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 PM ET on ABC Family.