'Pretty Little Liars' actress Ashley Benson is revealing Season 5 secrets about what is in store for her character Hanna when the show returns on Tuesday, June 10 to ABC Family.

Will it be smooth sailing for one of our favorite Liars?

Along with a selfie she posted on the social media site Instagram, Benson revealed in the caption, "Hanna's going through it this season. Can't wait for y'all to see what happens #season5"

Yes, but what does she mean exactly?

Well, Ali is returning to the fold (what with not being dead and all) along with Hanna's currently off boyfriend Caleb who went to the spin-off show 'Ravenswood' to date a ghost. True story.

As writers have hinted, Caleb and Ali may be sharing a kiss (and executive producer Marlene King has confirmed that the two share chemistry).

Which leads us to believe that Hanna and Caleb could be the couple that spirals downward this season.

Say it isn't so!?!

Haleb will re-unite (with or without sparks) in Season 5's monumental 100th episode.