We already know that the 'Pretty Little Liars' premiere 5x01 will be titled the slightly adorable 'EscApe from New York,' but what will episodes 5x02 and 5x03 be called? And do they have ties to Wren?

You can find the spoiler-filled answers below.

According to the 'PLL' fan Twitter All Things PLL, episode 5x02 will be named 'Whirly Girl' while 5x03 gets the much easier to figure out 'Surfing the Aftershocks.'

While we assume 5x03 will follow the town of Rosewood and the Liars as they deal with the ramifications of a living Alison, 5x02 is a little harder to figure out.

As Wet Paint has learned, actor Julian Morris who plays Wren Kingston was in a movie of the exact same name-- 'Whirly Girl'! Could Wren be making his triumphant return to the series in the second episode of Season 5!?!

We sure hope so.

Of course, the title could just refer to Alison, who must deal with a life no longer on the run. As episode 5x01 director Norman Buckley seems to hint, the premiere (if not later episodes) will be decidedly Ali-centric.

Which definitely makes sense considering her return to the land of the living. Could she be the whirly girl in question?

'Pretty Little Liars' will return to ABC Family at 8PM ET on Tuesday, June 10.

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