Prince Harry’s infamous Nazi costume scandal will feature in the final episode of The Crown.

The 39-year-old Duke of Sussex was 20 when he sparked outrage by wearing a swastika armband to a friend’s “native and colonial” fancy costume party in 2008.

He turned up to the event, hosted by Olympic showjumper Richard Meade, in the outrageous outfit with his older brother Prince William, 41, who reportedly dressed in a skin-tight black leotard with leopard skin pattern and a matching leopard skin tail and paws.

The Crown shows Harry, played by Luther Ford, choosing the costume alongside William (Ed McVey) and his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales (Meg Bellamy).

Titled "Sleep, Dearie Sleep" the episode sees Harry with William and Kate trying on costumes at Gloucestershire fancy dress shop Cotswold Costumes.

While pulling on a jacket complete with a swastika armband Harry is seen saying: “Germany had an empire, didn’t they? What about this?”

Kate tells him: “I don’t know. Maybe cover the swastika?”

William replies: “Oh come on, wearing the outfit doesn’t make him a Nazi.”

The trio then go to the heavily attended party.

After the photos of Harry wearing the outfit were met with a wave of global outrage in 2005, the royal apologized for his “poor choice of costume” and said he was “very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone."

After photos leaked from the event, Harry apologized for what he called “probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life."

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