A woman claims to have sold Prince Harry's underwear for $250,000.

The 39-year-old Duke of Sussex found himself in hot water back in 2012 when pictures of him in the nude were published around the world after he shed his clothes at a booze-fueled bash in Las Vegas, and fellow reveler Carrie Royale is believed to have come away from the party with his black pants, which have now been auctioned off and bought by San Diego strip club boss Dino Palmiotto.

Carrie told The Sun newspaper: “I sold Harry’s pants for $250,000 (£196,000).

“In San Diego there is a strip club, Exposé, and the owner bought them. He is still trying to build a shrine to Harry as far as I know.”

Carrie previously loaned the underwear to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas and Dino thinks displaying them in his club will be a huge tourist attraction.

He told the newspaper before the sale: He said: “I want those underpants for my club. A shrine at my club is the perfect home for them.

“They’ll always be part of Prince Harry’s story, they are a piece of history. The guy is a hero and an icon and so is his wife.

“I know they get a lot of criticism but I am a fan. I want those underpants for my club. A shrine at my club is the perfect home for them

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“I don’t see this as disrespectful. It’s a reminder of a time when he was the ‘Fun-loving party prince’ and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“There’s also nothing wrong with the way he’s more serious-minded these days, too. People evolve and mature. It’s just life.

“But who doesn’t want a reminder of when they were younger and all about having fun?”

Earlier this week, Carrie threatened to post naked photos of Harry on her OnlyFans page because she is frustrated about how he "whitewashed" his antics at the party in his memoir 'Spare'.

She told The Sun: "These pictures have never been seen by the public. I have poolside pictures of before the night and shots of Harry in the buff. People will be shocked by them.

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