Red Velvet gave us their bright, cheerful best with their debut full length LP The Red last year. It would only make sense, then, that they'd return with The Velvet a year later.

As opposed to their wildly energetic smashes like "Dumb Dumb" and "Ice Cream Cake," the girls have slowed it down substantially on "One Of These Nights," the lead single off of the K-pop troupe's new mini-album, out today (March 17) in South Korea.

The song also happens to be representative of the sound of The Velvet as a whole, which puts the group's vocals at the forefront of smooth, chilled-out R&B melodies and big, string-laden ballad moments.

For those of you looking for that ice cream sugar rush, my sincerest apologies — consider this the sugar crash right afterward. That said, it's nice to hear that the group's got a more mature, soulful side.

The accompanying video for "One Of These Nights" is sort of like a colorful M.C. Escher sketch brought to life, as the girls find themselves intertwined in a seemingly never-ending series of ladders, windows and doors before briefly congregating for a Craft-esque candlelit prayer circle. Casual.

If their vocals alone don't captivate you, the optical illusions certainly should do the trick.

Listen to the rest of The Velvet below.