A woman on Reddit admits she fell in love with her online catfish, even though he hid what he really looked like from her.

"He sent me very old pics of him when he was in shape, and when we met I was surprised to find out that he is double his previous size. It shocked me at first but I was already attracted to his personality, so I didn't back out," she explained of their first IRL meeting.

Despite her initial shock at his appearance being different than the photos he sent her, the woman stayed for their date and was surprised by how much she enjoyed it.

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"Our date went so well; this guy is a true gentleman, has great humor that left me in tears, and his touch is so gentle and loving. He took care of me and paid so much attention to everything I was saying and doing. He even remembered every small detail about me that we spoke about weeks prior (when we were getting to know each other)," she wrote via Reddit.

The woman noted she can't stop thinking about when she is going to see him again. "He changed my world completely," she concluded.

According to Dictionary.com, a catfish is "a person who assumes a false identity or personality on the internet, especially on social media websites, as to deceive, manipulate, or swindle."

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Readers offered their opinions in the comments section of her Reddit post, with many advising the woman to proceed with caution into the relationship.

"Do what you want with the information you have. False representation is a little worrying. But I guess your open mind can see past it. Good luck to you," one person wrote.

"Using old photos is a bit of a gray area in lying, I'd say. Depends a lot on how old, and how much you changed. Definitely not the same thing as using someone else's photos, or using Photoshop," another commented.

"Red flag is merely a warning to keep your eyes open, look into something a little further, not a run-away sign. If you think it's probably something that should be explored, it's a red flag. Look into it a bit further, but probably was getting nowhere with his dad bod, so used an old photo, or just insecure," someone else shared.

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