Well, Riverdale's second season has officially come to a close, and oh, what a wild ride it has been. Betty was reunited with her long lost brother only to discover he wasn't who he said he was, Archie teamed and then un-teamed with resident crime lord Hiram Lodge, Jughead almost died, several people did die, and not one, not two, but three Black Hoods were unmasked before finally confirming the real one.

But while Riverdale may have officially solved its Season 2 mystery, after that cliffhanger finale, there are still plenty of questions left hanging in the balance. So without further ado, let's run through them shall we?

(This should go without saying, but spoilers ahead for the Riverdale Season 2 finale.)

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    What Does Getting Arrested Mean for Archie?

    First and foremost, let's get to the big cliffhanger: In a move orchestrated by Hiram, Archie was arrested for the murder of Cassidy, the store clerk Andre actually killed after he tried to rob the Lodges' cabin earlier in the season. It's clear Hiram is now pulling the strings on the police force, but what evidence do they really have against Archie, aside from the mere fact that he was there? Do they even need evidence, or is Hiram's word enough? In other words, is this something that will have real impact on Archie and the core four, or it just the first strike of many Hiram is plotting?

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    Is Anyone from the Government Like, Monitoring Riverdale?

    Archie's arrest also calls into question why Hiram seemingly has free reign over what happens in Riverdale. Like, they have a full-blown serial killer and the FBI is just letting them sort it out on their own? And all this mob activity isn't raising any red flags about Hiram, who is, let's remember, a convicted criminal? Sure, that's believable.

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    And Why Are These Teens Just Running the Town?

    So this is a show about high school kids who are like, 15, but Archie is now going head-to-head with the mob, Jughead is leading his own gang, and Veronica owns multiple businesses? Who is even signing off on her permits? Have the adults of Riverdale just ceded to whatever the children want?

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    Who Is Polly's "Friend"?

    The look on Polly's face when she said she had a "friend" who can help Alice was way too sinister to mean anything good. After all that fake brother drama, who could possibly be showing up at the Coopers' next?

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    Speaking of Which, Where Has Polly Even Been?

    She's been M.I.A. for most of the season, and has now suddenly arrived with a mysterious friend? What the hell has she been up to?

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    Is Chic Coming Back?

    It seems as though Chic did manage to get away from the Black Hood — er, Hal — unscathed, but will he try to come back to Riverdale now that he's locked up? And is Alice's real son actually dead?

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    When Will Cheryl and Toni Make It Official?

    Cheryl is a serpent now, so can they just date, please?

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    And Is Cheryl Still Obsessed With Josie?

    Seems like we kind of glossed over her whole stalker phase, no?