Robert Pattinson is unfairly good-looking and genetically blessed, which should ensure his future in Hollywood beyond E. Cullen, now that the 'Twilight' saga is over and done, like his real-life relationship with ex-GF Kristen Stewart.

Feast your eyes on these amazing GIFs, like Edward Cullen looking at Bella's neck. We've unearthed 28 GIFs that make us love Pattinson that much more.

Chipmunk cheeks.

Hear that? Oh, it's just the sound of our hearts skipping multiple beats while taking it all in and gawking at Rob in this GIF.

The close-cropped hair and the unkempt beard? What a combo.

Such a strong chin.

The beanie allows us to see his flawless forehead and bold brows. #Melt. We could never doze off in his presence.

Lovin' this lumberjack look. Notice how pensive he is. Mmmhmm.

We KNOW who you are, Edward. We'll never, like, ever be able to forget you.

Eating Ben & Jerry's after being cuckolded. Flawless and with a sense of humor.

Our future hubby in a plain white tee.

Profile perfection.

No, Rob, YOU are perfect.

Swoon-worthy chuckle face.

Ladies, any volunteers wanna teach R. Pattz how to eat ice cream?

Follicles of flawlessness.

We can't even...

Room for two?

Smoochin' with K. Stew. Or Bella.

That smile!

The eyes have it.

Goofiest GIF of the bunch!

We could look at him all day, even with the scrunched up nose.

How many Twihards would sever limbs to take her place?

He sparkles.

That freakin' smile, the brows and the hair are a knockout trio.

Instant husband.


Get a look at Rob in a book nook. He makes a library look sexy, and that's hardly easy to do.

Lost in thought with a '50s shirt and 'do.