Roseanne Barr has made good on her promise to release a video explanation of her Valerie Jarrett tweet, and it is...a lot to take in.

In a one-minute clip uploaded to her personal YouTube account on Thursday (July 19), the former Roseanne star sits looking frazzled and smoking a cigarette. Behind scenes, a producer urges her to approach the interview as if it's a presidential address.

“Imagine a presidential address, like you’re busted for killing a hooker,” he says. “It’s the president [at] his desk in the Oval Office, and he’s like, ‘I did not have sex with that hooker,’ right?”

Shortly thereafter, an exasperated Barr interrupts, "I'm trying to talk about Iran! I'm trying to talk about [how] Valerie Jarrett wrote the Iran deal!"

"I know," the producer says. "You've told me this 300 times."

She then places her head in her hands, visibly irritated, before yelling, "I thought the b--h was white! God damnit, I thought the b---h was white!"

The video comes nearly two months after a racially charged tweet in which Barr called Jarrett an "ape" led to the abrupt cancellation of Roseanne. She previously apologized for her comments on Twitter, saying she was on ambien, claiming she wasn't aware Jarrett was black, and insisting the tweet was "about anti-semitism." Last month, she also broke down crying in a podcast with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach while addressing the ordeal.

Barr initially said she would do a TV interview discussing the tweet, but later backtracked, tweeting that TV interviews were "too stressful & untrustworthy," and she would be filming the video herself to put on YouTube.

ABC has since announced it will air a Roseanne spinoff, titled The Conners, without Barr's involvement. Watch her YouTube video below.

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