Sailor Moon's Moon Stick has been transformed into the world's cutest public transport pass.

Commuters in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, can now toss out their old IC cards (contactless smart cards) in favor of Sailor Moon's iconic crescent moon-shaped wand. Usagi's Moon Stick, which manga creator Naoko Takeuchi's powerful moon princess wielded in Season 1 of the classic '90s anime series, has been turned into a functioning EasyCard pass, which can be used to pay for public transport fares as well as shopping at select retailers around the city.

Priced at 1,799 Taiwan dollars — roughly $64 USD — the prop replica will ensure you get to where you need to go while feeling like a bishoujo senshi. (Just imagine tapping your Moon Stick and yelling out, "In the name of the moon, I'll pay you!" every time you need to ride the subway or buy a water bottle.)

Check out the official Sailor Moon EasyCard Moon Stick, below:

Taiwan Momoshop /
Taiwan Momoshop

The EasyCard Moon Stick comes in a gorgeous display box, and while you won't be able to conjure a real-life Moon Healing Escalation attack or blast away alien foes with the EasyCard Moon Stick, the functioning prop is faithfully built to scale at roughly 7 inches.

The Moon Stick's crystals also light up when the EasyCard is being scanned, according to SoraNews24.

If you live in or are planning to travel to the Taiwanese capital anytime soon, why not do so by pretending you're one of the world's most beloved superheroes? Moonies (i.e. Sailor Moon fans) can pre-order the Sailor Moon EasyCard Moon Stick here through Jan. 24.

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