Buffy portrayer, Cruel Intentions star and all-around American pop culture icon Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrates her birthday on April 14. She still looks amazing, and she's keeping super busy too: In addition to reprising her role as Kathryn Merteui in the Cruel Intentions reboot, she co-founded a kid-friendly baking kit company called Foodstirs in 2015.

But then, if you follow Sarah on Instagram you likely know this already — and if you don't, let me be the first to let you know that SMG's a real throwback genius on Instagram. She seems to take genuine joy in sharing her bottomless trove of old photos and demonstrates a true passion for split-pic collages. And that's perfect, because our collective appetite for fondly looking backward has yet to be sated.

From a chronicle of her nearly lifelong friendship with Seth Green to a just-slightly creepy photo of Sarah posing with her wax-y body double, click the gallery above to enjoy our 10 favorite SMG throwback Instas.

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