Prime time's most exalted soap opera, Scandalis set to make its Season 5 debut in less than two weeks, and it looks like the show will continue in its current tradition of tossing aside more interesting aspects to play up one of the worst romantic relationships of all time: Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant.

The first half of the new teaser trailer is a steamy, soft-core sex scene between the spineless, fictional President of the United States and the smart and powerful Olivia Pope, who is so often rendered a blubbering, quivering mess by their affair.

The two appear to be very much together now, after four long seasons of will-they-or-won't-they, as seconds later we see Fitz handing divorce papers over to his wife and First Lady Mellie. Cue shock and horror! Mellie stayed with you through so much, Fitz, and this is how you treat her? Side note: Olivia, please, love yourself.

Olivia’s Gladiators, meanwhile, remain mere unimportant glimpses in the trailer. Evidently, the vast majority of Scandal viewers would rather watch the salacious relationship between two people (who simply shouldn't be together) unfold in a terrible way. Are you one of those viewers? Do you think Olivia and Fitz will somehow make it work in this new season? And what role do you think Scott Foley's Jake Ballard will play this time around?

Season 5 of Scandal will premiere on ABC on September 24, at 9 EST.

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