As a lead character on one of TV's biggest shows, Scott Foley knows a thing or two about binge-worthy programs. When the Scandal actor was approached by Bausch + Lomb to partner up on their Biotrue Challenge, it was a perfect match. (The contact lens solution keeps your lenses moisturized for up to 20 hours. Perfect for catching up on your fave shows, right?)

We hopped on the phone with Scott to get the details on how he got involved with the campaign, the key to the perfect binge-watching show and why he has a jar of Fitz and Olivia jam in his fridge. (Oh, yeah -- and he might have dropped some hints about an upcoming episode of Scandal!)

Check it all out below!

How did you get involved with Biotrue?
I’m a big tweeter, especially when Scandal is on and I started tweeting some other shows. I think one of my tweets, not that long ago, said something about “I’m two episodes in, three episodes in to something and changing my contacts into glasses.” The people at Bausch + Lomb saw it and they have a product called Biotrue, a contact lens solution. There’s a Biotrue Challenge and we decided to partner up. It’s something that I’ve started using and believe in and have been talking to people about.

Obviously, having comfortable vision helps with binge-watching. What are the perfect components for a good binge-watching session?
[Laughs] I’m sure my binge-watching sessions are a lot like yours! The perfect components – first of all, my kids have to be in bed. No distractions. Something good to eat, depending on what it is. If you’re watching Scandal, it’s popcorn and wine for a lot of people out there. For me, it’s a big glass of water and some M&Ms.

It’s a great show, having my wife next to me and being able to actually sit through all of them comfortably. Being a contact lens wearer, it’s not always easy. Do you wear contacts?

I don’t! Just reading glasses.
Ah, got it. As a contact lens wearer, even sitting in a movie or binge-watching TV these days, I find myself – especially now that I’ve used the Biotrue solution – not having a problem sitting through two or three episodes of a TV show. Actually, my wife and I, just last night, we’ve been catching up on some stuff and we put my kids to bed and we watched The Slap.

I’m glad that you brought up food because I have to ask you about the photo you Instagrammed of Fitz and Olivia jam in your fridge. I imagine that would be clutch for any binge-watching session.
Oh, yes! It depends on the vehicle for the jam, right? Whether it’s a bagel or an English muffin. It depends on your mood. But, yes, the Fitz and Olivia jam is always a part of it.

Is that real jam that they made for episode earlier this season? [Editor’s note: A similar jar of jam made an appearance in the Scandal episode that aired on Jan. 29.]
No, it this was before that episode aired. I think it was a Christmas gift last year that someone gave out, maybe it was even ABC sent it to all of us, and my wife had stuck it in the fridge and I hadn’t seen it. As soon as I did, I was like, “Look at that!” So I took a picture and Instagrammed it and people dug it. I got a bunch of responses.

I think Jake would definitely binge-watch 'House of Cards'. I think he’s excited about the fact that season 3 is coming out this week. I think he would go back and binge-watch all of 'The Wire.'

Now are you a Fitz fan or a Jake fan? You’re not going to hurt my feelings either way.

I’m a Jake fan!

Oh, definitely Team Jake.
I love that! Now why Jake instead of Fitz?

At the end of the day, he’s a better guy. I like Fitz, but I feel like Jake brings out the better side in Olivia.
I agree.

If Jake Ballard had more free time, which shows would you binge-watch?
I think Jake would definitely binge-watch House of Cards. I think he’s excited about the fact that [season 3] is coming out this week. I think he would go back and binge-watch all of The Wire. I think there’s a part of Jake – and I say those two shows because there’s something political, there’s something messy about the other one – but I think there’s also sort of a romantic part of Jake. I could see him going back and watching – not that Parenthood’s romantic – but something a little softer. A little more escapist. There’s no show coming to my mind right now.

Did you ever see Top of the Lake? It’s so good. So good. It’s this amazing show that takes place in New Zealand. I could see him watching that.

Between Scandal and Felicity, you’ve been on some pretty cult-classic shows.  What are the key elements to a perfect binge-worthy show?
What I think makes a show binge-worthy is a continuous storyline, right? There’s a bunch of great shows out there, but I don’t know if comedies necessarily lend themselves to binge-watching … For the most part, I think a good binge-watching show is either a half-hour or an hour-long show that has a serialized element to it, where you need to have seen the one prior to know what’s happening or really appreciate more what’s happening in the current one you’re watching. I think anything with a serialized storyline is a perfect match for binge-watching.

For people who aren’t caught up with Scandal, can you give a hint about something upcoming in the season that’s a good incentive for them to binge-watch to catch up? [Note: Mild Scandal Season 4 spoilers below!]
Oh, man. Well, if you’re not caught up, the whole storyline we just had where Olivia was taken – there’s a good four, five episodes that take you through her being taken, what happened, everyone trying to get her back. And after you watch that, you’ll be caught up.

I don’t think we’re on this week (Feb. 26) because we need to make room for the How to Get Away With Murder finale – which is another show you should binge-watch. Without telling you what happens next week, I’m going to take a cue from Kerry Washington, who I saw on the red carpet on the Oscars. She said the next episode to air is something that’s very near and dear to her heart. It’s a very current and important story that we’re telling. We tell it in a really interesting, Scandal way, so it’s a bit of a departure for the show thematically, but I think it’s really interesting. It’s definitely something people should be caught up on to appreciate.

I’m so intrigued! Okay, in the spirit of the eye conversation: You’ve been an actor for a long time. Do you ever get used to seeing yourself on-screen?
I think only recently I’ve gotten used to seeing myself on-screen. I think I haven’t always enjoyed seeing myself on-screen and I’m not sure if I do now, but I’m much more forgiving of myself at this point in my career. I never, ever like what I do, but I don’t hate it anymore [Laughs] … It’s tough! It’s really tough, but you get to a certain point where you no longer cringe. I can appreciate it to a certain point for what it is.

Lastly, while we’re talking about vision, what’s your favorite eye-themed pickup line?   
Man, I wish I was a better pickup guy. I’ve always been the guy in a relationship.

All of the cheesy ones are about eyes!
They are all the cheesy ones and they shouldn’t be because eyes are so important, right? There’s always “Your eyes are so blue I could swim in them for days.”... It’s so strange. It always does seem like it’s the cheesy direction. “You have such beautiful eyes,” an initial compliment about the eyes, but they’re really the first thing you notice.

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