Sean Kingston has dropped his new single 'Rum and Raybans' from 'Back 2 Life,' and with that title, the rapper isn't masking his intentions . All he needs is a rum in his hand and Raybans on his head and all will be right with the world. A libation and a cool pair of shades – it's the simple things in life that Kingston is singing about.

But there is nothing simple about the song. It's a slickly and heavily produced, uptempo, reggae-influenced club banger that is clinging to the last remaining vestiges of summer. It's synth-happy, but the variety of sonic elements in the song keep it from sounding too polished and too studio sanitized. It's got life and a pulse, thanks to Kingston's raps and the energy.

The song reminds us a bit of Nicki Minaj's smash 'Pound the Alarm' with its pulsating, driving, bouncing beat and the Auto-tuning and cadence on the declaration of "The only thing I need / Is rum and Raybans." Listen to it closely and try and tell us it doesn't sound like 'PTA.'

Even so, if you don't thump, thump, thump and booty bounce to this song, you must be a wallflower.

British songstress Cher Lloyd puts her fingerprints all over the bridge at the 2:30 mark. She doesn't offer her signature, Cher Lloyd brattiness. Instead, she just sings her parts, adding a sexy, saucy female element to the song.

The more we listen to 'Rum and Raybans,' the more we think it's the sister song to 'Pound the Alarm.' It is quite similar in its structure in the choruses. We wonder if Miss Minaj will notice and tweet about it.

But in the meantime, toss one back and turn the knobs to 11. This one deserves to be listened to as loud as possible. It sure sounds like a hit to us.


Listen to Sean Kingston 'Rum and Raybans' Feat. Cher Lloyd