With another season of 'The Voice' on the books, it's time to pause and reflect, to sit and think for awhile about the singers we loved and all the music they made on their way to capturing a nation's hearts. Ha ha, just kidding! It's really time for the first commercial for next season.

And as far as network-sponsored promos go, this one is actually sort of charming -- it finds returning mentors Adam Levine and Blake Shelton rolling up to a hotel (in a truck with one of those big red chairs strapped into the bed, natch) to pick up new additions Usher and Shakira. Of course, they all quickly get into a fight over which radio station to listen to, and...well, you'll see what happens next.

While it doesn't feature any footage from upcoming episodes, it should at least assuage fans' fears that the show will lose any of the intra-mentor bickering that all good televised talent shows thrive on -- the new-look 'Voice' quartet boasts plenty of charisma. Be on the lookout when the show returns for Season 4 on Monday, March, 25, 2013.