It seems like 2014 Super Bowl commercials are the place for '90s sitcoms to reunite. Like the guys of 'Full House,' Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reprised their 'Seinfeld' roles in a hilarious Super Bowl XLVIII commercial.

As the traditional opening 'Seinfeld' notes begin, we see Seinfeld (playing the fictionalized version of himself, of course) and Alexander (as George Costanza) arguing about the Super Bowl, a discussion that they quickly take to their regular hangout, Tom's Restaurant. As they disagree about Super Bowl parties past and other mundane things like the "point of the mumble," Seinfeld's old nemesis, Newman (Wayne Knight) walks in and rubs his Super Bowl party in their faces.

While the years may have aged Seinfeld (who is now sporting a growing bald spot), both Alexander and Knight look like they stepped straight out of a '90s television set. Regardless of outward appearances, however, this commercial proves that time cannot change comedy -- and 'Seinfeld' is still hilarious.