Selena Gomez's rumored ex-BF Justin Bieber isn't the only one partnered up with Adidas. Sel has teamed up with the iconic clothing and shoe brand to design sneakers, clothes and other accessories for the teen-focused line's NEO label as part of a three-year deal. She's also starring in a hip commercial for the company, one that shows off her fashionable flair and the street nature and culture of the brand.

In the clip, Gomez is a child of the night, and an artist of sorts. She has a good time tossing yellow string and creating something out of nothing. She also is also seen playing with a sparkler in this commercial. We utterly adore her street style, from her flannel jacket to the slouchy beanie on her head.

Her first collection for Adidas will be unveiled next year, as will her edgy new film 'Spring Breakers.' So Gomez has a lot of new creative endeavors on the horizon, and she is flexing different muscles. She's also working on a new album for release in early 2013. We hope she is working on her relationship with the Biebs, the status of which is decidedly up in the air, as well. We don't know if they are coming or going.

Regardless of what's going on in her personal life, Gomez is psyched to work with NEO, saying, "It is a great partnership for me because NEO really cares about style and having fun with fashion and allowing you to be yourself. This is something that’s always been important to me and is important to my fans, too: knowing they can express themselves through wearing whatever clothes they want and feel good about themselves."

She continued, "I am really enjoying being involved with the design process and NEO is letting me have fun with this. I get to wear the clothes first and have a voice and an opinion and I can’t wait to see the results of our new collection. I’m excited that it also allows my fans to be involved and they can come with me on this journey."

Gomez also spoke to Teen Vogue about her newest fashion venture and even showed off some photos of the kicks. They are bright and bold, and you can see 'em right here.

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