Justin Bieber, style icon, has a new endorsement.

He has been named the style icon for Adidas' NEO label, which is one of the athletic apparel brand's more style-conscious lines. It mixes sporty and casual looks, with fashionable fun as their main focus. Yeah, that sounds like the Biebs to us.

The 'As Long as You Love Me' singer has signed on for a two-year representation of NEO, which will wrap at the end of 2014.

Bieber will help to inspire the brand's young customers to wear their teen-centric clothes. He will sport the clothing himself and make appearances in major markets throughout 2013. You can expect him to tweet about the brand, too. Adidas probably hired the teen due in large part to his ability to reach tens of millions of people in 140 characters. It's a strategic marketing move.

Additionally, JB will appear in NEO's seasonal campaigns under its "Live Your Style" tag, with the Spring/Summer 2013 looks to debut in February. We cannot wait to see those photos.

Also, teens will be able to shop the singer's favorite NEO looks and personally selected styles for each season. Hear that Beliebers? The Biebs will be your own personal style consultant.

The singer revealed his reasons for partnering with NEO, besides the obvious revenue stream. "I found a real connection with NEO because it is about fashion, freedom and being true to who you are," he said. "With my new album, 'Believe,' I am spreading the message of believing in yourself. The first step is showing who you are, and one of the great ways to showcase yourself is through fashion. For me style is an adventure, something to have fun with and NEO believes this too."

Clothes. They're not just for wearing; they're an adventure!

To celebrate the partnership, NEO and the Biebs have launched the 'Find My Golden Shoes' challenge. Fans can hunt for the singer's customized shoes online and win their own pair along with a chance to meet the singer in Miami via an all-inclusive trip. Don't all shriek at once!

Each week for the next five weeks, there will be a picture of the gilded footwear hidden online with a special code. Every day, NEO will provide location clues on the Facebook app -- once the player finds the code, they can go back to the Facebook app and enter it. Two winners will be announced per week.

Adidas NEO
Adidas NEO

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