There's a heatwave kicking in across the globe, and our pop princesses are officially feeling all hot and bothered.

On the one hand, we've got Stars Dance diva Selena Gomez, who got our screens all fogged up with a sensual coo (and a super steamy shower scene!) on "Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)," a chilly electro-R&B ode to getting down with her lover off of her upcoming Interscope record. With her dress a mess on the floor, she still looks good for you.

And on the other, we've got Demi Lovato, who's opening up to a whole new world on her oh-so-scandalous, totes bicurious "Cool For The Summer," a pulsating anthem made for summer lovin' and a hunger for a taste of the cherry, Katy Perry style. She wants to go your paradise, that is!

Two Disney princesses-turned-pop superstars. Two super sexed up summer singles. Which one is your emancipation anthem for the sunny season? Place your vote below.

We'll announce a winner in two weeks on July 15 at 5 PM ET.

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