Stars fall sometimes. First they're up, and then they're down. They're just like us! Except for the part where millions of people get to watch it happen over and over again.

Nary a week has gone by without some pop superstar taking an unintended plunge while performing live on stage. And now, only days after Justin Bieber wiped out thanks to a sneaky trap door on the Purpose World Tour, Selena Gomez has gone and wiped out on stage last night (January 19) in Tulsa. (But please, no one connect any dots between Justin and Selena at this point, thank you.)

While performing her self-empowerment anthem and latest single "Kill 'Em With Kindness," SelGo slipped on a step amid bouncy balls and shirtless boys. (Honestly, not the worst way to go down.) She quickly bounced back with a hearty, embarrassed laugh.

"First fall on the whole damn tour! Can you believe it?" she joked. "In Tulsa, Oklahoma!"

Nothing appeared to be bruised post-tumble, so it's safe to say that Selena's kindness successfully wards off haters and cushions her fall during stage spills. Effective technique!

Go 'head, go 'head now...

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